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Perhaps ironically, one of the most famous 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse paintings is by a Russian:

  • Pestilence (on a White Horse -> COVID !?)
  • War (on a Red Horse -> PUTIN !?)
  • Famine (on a Black Horse -> HYPERINFLATION !?)
  • Death (on a Pale Horse -> TOO LATE !?)


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Moscow teacher suspended for writing ‘Glory to Ukraine’ and drawing swastika on board

Sergey Averyanov, a computer science teacher at a school in Moscow, has been suspended after he reportedly drew a swastika on a digital whiteboard along with the words “Glory to Ukraine. Death to the Russian halfwits!”

Ukraine’s Air Force says responsible for downing of military aircraft in Russia’s Bryansk region last May

Ukrainian Air Force spokesperson Yuriy Ignat said that Ukrainian troops were responsible for shooting down five aircraft in Russia’s Bryansk region last May.

Wife of Ukrainian military intelligence chief reportedly hospitalized with poisoning symptoms

Marianna Budanova, the wife of Ukrainian military intelligence chief Kyrylo Budanov, has been hospitalized and diagnosed with heavy metal poisoning, according to the Ukrainian news site Babel.

Inclement weather in Ukraine leaves at least ten dead and 23 injured

Ten people in Ukraine were killed and at least 23 were injured by the winter storm that swept across much of the country on Sunday and Monday, Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko has reported.

Russia’s Internal Affairs Ministry proposes ‘controlled stay’ register for foreigners in country illegally

Russia’s Internal Affairs Ministry has proposed introducing a “controlled stay” regime for foreigners who are in the country illegally. Those eligible would be added to a register and be subject to various restrictions: bans on buying and selling real estate and cars, driving a car, opening a bank account, transferring money, or getting married.

Frightful weather on both sides of the border. Winter storm pounds Ukraine and Russia with heavy snow, wind, and rain

Winter storms left nearly two million people without power in Russia’s border regions and in the occupied territories of Ukraine this weekend, according to the Russian authorities. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s Energy Ministry reported that 2,019 settlements across 16 of the country’s regions were experiencing blackouts. Meduza has compiled key figures and images from Crimea, Ukraine’s Odesa region, the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk “people’s republics,” and the Russian-occupied part of the Zaporizhzhia region, as well as Russia’s Krasnodar region.

Severe weather has claimed at least ten lives, cut power to tens of thousands of people, and blocked roads in a country already strained by war.
Kyriakos Mitsotakis was left frustrated by the cancellation of the scheduled meeting as he was keen to address the Parthenon Marbles, currently held at the British Museum.
The electric carmaker has asked the courts to impose a fine of $96,000 if Sweden fails to ensure license plates for new cars. Organized labor is not only hurting Musk's business in Sweden, but also in Germany.
A winter storm has brought high winds and snow to Eastern Europe, leaving millions in Ukraine and Russia without power or heat. Meanwhile, NATO's Stoltenberg pledged long-term support for Kyiv. DW has the latest.
The Vatican says the Pontiff is showing signs of improvement after it was revealed over the weekend that he was suffering from lung inflammation.
Samuel Paty was killed by a suspected Islamist after showing cartoons of Prophet Mohammad to his class. Five teenagers are charged with identifying the teacher to his killer for payment.


2EMMA Featured Data

Pulled conclusions from pooled data compilations

Using some of the world’s largest companies by market cap & some of the most quoted indices + two most sung alternatives: data for this millennia where available

  • At 134x, Apple is the absolute stock price growth winner; with Amazon at 45x and Google at 32x
  • Despite the lack of interest or dividends, gold at 6.6x looks good compared to any other stock or index!
  • Barrick Gold on the other hand seems to be poorly correlated to anything including the gold metal itself!?
  • But Barrick is the only stock producing negative correlations with most of the indices including a relatively high -0.77 with the Euronext100 index
  • If one wast trying to get something totally uncorrelated on purpose- it would be hard to beat: gold and the Euronext100 index at -0.03; or Barrick and the Hang Seng index at 0.04; or gold and Merck at 0.16; or BTC and the FTSE index at 0.19
  • Correlation against a basket of indices & alternatives is best in Disney and Google (0.81-0.82), albeit at different growth multiples
  • If an average historical P/E is somewhere in the 20x range, then the current S&P quoted average which is in high 30s is as warned high, BUT: only Amazon and Visa seem to be widely out of range (justified by growth in online transactions?), with many below current & historical averages
  • In the current world of no interest & no inflation, maybe the higher P/E averages are justified..? For how long, that is a different question…

For hedging ideas, other growth, correlations, or averages- take a look at the data set/:>  the Excel file: 2emma stock monitor or go to the Data Monitor


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