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Perhaps ironically, one of the most famous 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse paintings is by a Russian:

  • Pestilence (on a White Horse -> COVID !?)
  • War (on a Red Horse -> PUTIN !?)
  • Famine (on a Black Horse -> HYPERINFLATION !?)
  • Death (on a Pale Horse -> TOO LATE !?)


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Meet Putin’s new ‘son-in-law’. The Russian president’s daughter Katerina Tikhonova is in a relationship with a ballet star named Zelensky

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Russian ballet master Igor Zelensky may share a last name with Ukraine’s current president — but he’s actually the father of Vladimir Putin’s granddaughter. A joint investigation by Meduza, Current Time TV, and the Dossier Center has revealed that Zelensky has been in a years-long relationship with Putin’s purported second daughter, Katerina Tikhonova. Until recently, Zelensky was based in Munich, where he worked as the director of the Bavarian State Ballet. And Tikhonova, who heads the Moscow-based nonprofit “Innopraktika,” divided her time between Russia and Germany. Zelensky resigned from his position in Munich in early April, reportedly in connection with his refusal to publicly condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Now, there’s speculation that Zelensky will take on a leadership role at a new state theater the Russian authorities are constructing in Crimea — a project announced by Putin himself in 2018. 

‘We weren’t afraid of them — but they were very afraid of us’. Meduza reports from Kharkiv, where Ukrainians are cleaning up the mess left by the city's failed invaders

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On May 15, Western military experts declared that Ukraine had won the “battle for Kharkiv.” Analysts pointed to the retreat of Russian detachments around Kharkiv in the face of Ukrainian counterattacks. Russian troops had been fighting to take control of the city, which lies about 25 kilometers (15 miles) from the Russian border, since the beginning of the war. Residential areas on the city’s outskirts were torn apart, and on March 2, a missile strike hit the city’s central square. Thousands of civilians took cover in basements and in the city’s metro station. Now, Kharkivites are sorting through the rubble, repairing the public transport system, restoring the electricity and gas supply, and preparing their beauty salons and cafes to open up again. Larisa Kalik went to Kharkiv to talk to the residents bringing the city back to life.

‘It was hard to watch’. How Ukrainian journalists turned footage from a Russian soldier’s phone into a short documentary

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On May 11, the online newspaper Ukrayinska Pravda released a short documentary called “The Occupant” (“Okupant,” in Ukrainian), which tells the story of a Russian lieutenant named Yury Shalaev. According to the newspaper, 24-year-old Shalaev served as the commander of a motorized rifle platoon in a military unit based in Shali, Chechnya. He was deployed to Ukraine on March 3, as part of Russia’s full-scale invasion — and he recorded his wartime experiences on his phone. Shalaev was taken prisoner in early April and the videos he recorded ended up in the hands of Ukrayinska Pravda. The newspaper’s journalists turned the recordings into a 24-minute documentary that offers a window into Shalaev’s life before and after his arrival in Ukraine. To find out more about the making of the film, Meduza sat down with journalist Mykhailo Tkach, the head of Ukrayinska Pravda’s investigations department.

‘You’re lucky it was us Chechens who found you'. The story of a Ukrainian man whose home was occupied by Russian troops as he took shelter underneath

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Bohdan is an airfield service employee at Hostomel Airport, which was the site of heavy fighting at the very start of the war. For three weeks, he and his family lived in the basement of their apartment building, right across from the occupied airport. The building, which sometimes came under heavy fire, was occupied first by Chechen riot police, then by an airborne assault unit from Omsk. In mid-March, all of the basement’s inhabitants were forcibly taken to Belarus. Bohdan told Meduza his story.

‘I fired so they’d leave me alone’. The first Russian soldier charged with a war crime in Ukraine testifies in court, confessing to following orders

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On Thursday, the second court hearing of 21-year-old Russian Sergeant Vadim Shishimarin took place in Kyiv. Shishimarin is the first Russian soldier to face formal charges for war crimes in Ukraine. He is accused of murdering a 62-year-old man in the Sumy region named Oleksandr Shelipov. According to prosecutors, on February 28, Shishimarin and four other Russian servicemen ended up in the village of Chupakhivka after their convoy was attacked and dispersed. The soldiers then fired on and commandeered a private vehicle. While driving away, they saw a civilian with a bicycle who was speaking on a cell phone. On orders from his commanding officer, Shishimarin shot the man using his assault rifle. Not long thereafter, Ukrainian troops captured the sergeant and later charged him with violating the laws and customs of warfare, as well as committing a premeditated murder. Under these statutes, Shishimarin faces between 10 years in prison and life imprisonment.

‘It was the only option’. Russia casts doubt on prisoner exchange for soldiers from Ukraine’s Azov regiment

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After weeks of defending the Azovstal steel plant as Ukraine’s last stronghold in Mariupol, soldiers from the Azov Battalion began leaving the site on May 16. The troops were evacuated into Russian-controlled territory as part of what Kyiv describes as an ongoing “rescue operation.” However, officials in Russia and the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) have cast doubt on the possibility of swapping these soldiers in a prisoner exchange, calling instead for Azov troops to face a “tribunal” and even capital punishment.

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2EMMA Featured Data

Pulled conclusions from pooled data compilations

Using some of the world’s largest companies by market cap & some of the most quoted indices + two most sung alternatives: data for this millennia where available

  • At 134x, Apple is the absolute stock price growth winner; with Amazon at 45x and Google at 32x
  • Despite the lack of interest or dividends, gold at 6.6x looks good compared to any other stock or index!
  • Barrick Gold on the other hand seems to be poorly correlated to anything including the gold metal itself!?
  • But Barrick is the only stock producing negative correlations with most of the indices including a relatively high -0.77 with the Euronext100 index
  • If one wast trying to get something totally uncorrelated on purpose- it would be hard to beat: gold and the Euronext100 index at -0.03; or Barrick and the Hang Seng index at 0.04; or gold and Merck at 0.16; or BTC and the FTSE index at 0.19
  • Correlation against a basket of indices & alternatives is best in Disney and Google (0.81-0.82), albeit at different growth multiples
  • If an average historical P/E is somewhere in the 20x range, then the current S&P quoted average which is in high 30s is as warned high, BUT: only Amazon and Visa seem to be widely out of range (justified by growth in online transactions?), with many below current & historical averages
  • In the current world of no interest & no inflation, maybe the higher P/E averages are justified..? For how long, that is a different question…

For hedging ideas, other growth, correlations, or averages- take a look at the data set/:>  the Excel file: 2emma stock monitor or go to the Data Monitor


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The Economist – Graphic Detail

Almost like it was done by John Graphicon 🙂

African-Americans are more likely to own cryptocurrencies [...]

Rapid deforestation outweighs carbon capture by remaining trees [...]

Food-price inflation is nearly three times higher than pre-pandemic forecasts [...]

Despite a level of mass-shootings unimaginable in other rich countries [...]