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Perhaps ironically, one of the most famous 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse paintings is by a Russian:

  • Pestilence (on a White Horse -> COVID !?)
  • War (on a Red Horse -> PUTIN !?)
  • Famine (on a Black Horse -> HYPERINFLATION !?)
  • Death (on a Pale Horse -> TOO LATE !?)


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Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology cancels Q&A session with Novaya Gazeta editor Dmitry Muratov, citing inability to ‘depoliticize’ event

The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology has canceled an open Q&A session for students featuring Novaya Gazeta Editor-in-chief and Nobel laureate Dmitry Muratov. The event was scheduled for March 28.

Crimean professor who was jailed twice last year for Ukrainian songs fined $1,300 for social media post about Russian murders of civilians

Andrey Belozerov, a former professor who lost his job and was convicted on charges of “discrediting” the Russian army and “displaying Nazi symbolism” in September after he played a video with a song about Bayraktar drones in between classes, has been fined 100,000 rubles (about $1,300) on fresh “discrediting” charges, according to the outlet OVD-Info.

Tell-tale signs. While keeping the Russian forces at bay in Bakhmut and Avdiivka, the Ukrainian army is gathering strength for a major reversal. Our updated combat map tracks the evidence of Ukraine’s incipient counteroffensive.

Since the start of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Meduza has adopted a consistent antiwar position, holding Russia responsible for its military aggression and atrocities. As part of this commitment, we regularly update an interactive map that documents combat operations in Ukraine and the damage inflicted by Russia’s invasion forces. Our map is based exclusively on previously published open-source photos and videos, most of them posted by eyewitnesses on social media. We collect reports already available publicly and determine their geolocation markers, adding only the photos and videos that clear this process.

$650 per kilometer: Russia offers incentives to recruits ready to join assault units and advance frontline in Ukraine

The Russian military is offering sign-up incentives to those willing to join as contract servicemen. Over the last week, contract service was advertised all across the local media and city websites around Russia.

A meeting of European Union leaders will be dominated by discussion of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. They are expected to endorse a plan to send Kyiv a million rounds of artillery shells over the year.
Russia's former leader Dmitry Medvedev said if Putin were arrested in Germany, for example, "all our missiles ... would fly to the Bundestag." Meanwhile, Russia has launched a new military satellite. DW has the latest.
Researchers have managed to pull strands of DNA from Beethoven's hair, finding "a strong genetic disposition to liver disease." At the same time, the discovery did not reveal the cause of his debilitating hearing loss.
With his visit to Moscow, Chinese leader Xi Jinping clearly showed Russian President Vladimir Putin that he can be counted on — including in the war on Ukraine. Not a good signal for diplomacy, says Roman Goncharenko.
China's show of solidarity with Russia displeased officials in Brussels, where concerns are growing that Beijing is considering supplying arms to Moscow. But for now there is no real desire to decouple from China.
The Ukrainian president said he was honored to shake hands with soldiers on the front line. Meanwhile, the IMF announced a $15.6 billion loan to support post-war reconstruction. DW has the latest.


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Pulled conclusions from pooled data compilations

Using some of the world’s largest companies by market cap & some of the most quoted indices + two most sung alternatives: data for this millennia where available

  • At 134x, Apple is the absolute stock price growth winner; with Amazon at 45x and Google at 32x
  • Despite the lack of interest or dividends, gold at 6.6x looks good compared to any other stock or index!
  • Barrick Gold on the other hand seems to be poorly correlated to anything including the gold metal itself!?
  • But Barrick is the only stock producing negative correlations with most of the indices including a relatively high -0.77 with the Euronext100 index
  • If one wast trying to get something totally uncorrelated on purpose- it would be hard to beat: gold and the Euronext100 index at -0.03; or Barrick and the Hang Seng index at 0.04; or gold and Merck at 0.16; or BTC and the FTSE index at 0.19
  • Correlation against a basket of indices & alternatives is best in Disney and Google (0.81-0.82), albeit at different growth multiples
  • If an average historical P/E is somewhere in the 20x range, then the current S&P quoted average which is in high 30s is as warned high, BUT: only Amazon and Visa seem to be widely out of range (justified by growth in online transactions?), with many below current & historical averages
  • In the current world of no interest & no inflation, maybe the higher P/E averages are justified..? For how long, that is a different question…

For hedging ideas, other growth, correlations, or averages- take a look at the data set/:>  the Excel file: 2emma stock monitor or go to the Data Monitor


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