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Gold as an alternative to the new European trade spot: an almost perfectly uncorrelated series, yet producing almost same growth over the period…



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2EMMA is an independent emerging market advisory platform aimed TO EMerging MArket growth companies & EMerging go TO MArket ventures

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1) Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick releases in theaters this Friday. Cruise’s 44 films have earned $4.4B in box office sales in… [...]

While network TV has taken a backseat to streaming in recent years, one man is proving there is still money to be… [...]

For years, video games have been stigmatized as “bad for kids.” But a recent review of over ten years of gaming studies… [...]

The week ahead: May 23

Davos returns, but not quite like you remembered it. [...]

“I Felt Like I’ve Been Taking Crazy Pills”: After a Meltdown, Crypto Pros Assess the Damage

Hi, welcome to your Weekend! Feeling numb to the latest Elon Musk scandal, I went looking for another celebrity feud to obsess over… [...]

Welcome to Screentime, a new series from The Weekend in which tech leaders divulge their personal phone habits. Alex Hofmann has an… [...]

It’s hard to judge a product that hasn’t even been publicly acknowledged by the company making it, much less released. But let’s… [...]




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Impact Investment | Blended Finance

  • – The world is undergoing one of the worst refugee crisis since World War II, and Jordan is one of the most affected countries both in absolute and relative terms
  • – While many humanitarian relief & infrastructure investment efforts exist, the funding ecosystem under-serves SMEs & entrepreneurs which cater to refugee needs
  • – The social impact investment component with a triple bottom-line impact is more than attainable in the refugee context, but until now little has been done outside the pure aid sphere
  • – Vehicle is needed to fill the void by institutionalising venture / SME investment & nurture entrepreneurship for one of the most vulnerable demographic segments
  • – Given the specifics of refugee finance, in particular if in a hybrid commercial effort, we are looking for interested parties to become cooperating partners in developing this initiative further…


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Real Estate Investment | Property in SEE

Higher than average EU economic drop, but a stronger & quicker recovery. Drop of 10-20% in Zagreb real estate prices in the short-term. 18 month recovery to where Zagreb was in 2015-16 in the property cycle. Zagreb new office & residential space yields to go back to 7%-ish, or a price per sqm of €2.25k+…


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Project Finance | Renewable Power in MEA

Clean energy is a popular (and a contested) topic these days, but it also serves as a great showcase for project development / finance in emerging markets regardless of a turbine…


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Corporate Finance | Pharma M&A in CACA

A case study for an interesting ‘consolidation cross-border play opportunity’ spanning the CACA region (or even wider). A thesis that would under current market access include country pharma leaders in Kyrgyzstan & Mongolia, as well as one of top players in Uzbekistan & Armenia each…


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Private Investment in Public Equity | Gold Mining in Africa

PIPE investments into gold mining stock: is there still, was there ever, an opportunity to invest in gold?

A hedge against cycles timing; Undervalued listings lacking capital; Leverage on mineral reserves for an upside; Neglected African opportunities; More tangible than bitcoin; …

Central banks can’t print gold: ML/BoA forecasts: ”as economic output contracts sharply, fiscal outlays surge, and central bank balance sheets double, fiat currencies could come under pressure…


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altVENTURE Capital


altVENTURE as in alternative venture because investments have to provide achievement above & beyond financial RETURN, and that is adventure in form of RISK, IMPACT & FUN

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This article is visible for CLUB members only. If you are already a member but don’t see the content of this article, please login here. If you’re… [...]

It’s reported that real estate is responsible for about 30% of Co2 emissions in Germany, causing 115 million tons of CO2. Founded in 2021, Predium… [...]

Bloom Diagnostics is an innovative medtech startup whose sophisticated system allows consumers to take control of their own health. Its innovative hardware and software can… [...]

Launched in 2019, Bechester wants to give everyone access to the furniture that fits their lives, allowing users to put their personality into the place… [...]

What is startup fundraising really like for an ethnic minority founder in 2022?

What is startup fundraising actually like as an ethnic minority founder today? And why does so little VC cash flow into startups led by diverse… [...]

How to bag big client partnerships

Corporate partnerships can fuel startup growth, providing revenue and expertise. So, how do you go about finding a corporate client? How to bag big client… [...]

Eastern Europe isn’t just for outsourcing anymore

Forget outsourcing; startups should consider hiring directly in Eastern Europe Eastern Europe isn’t just for outsourcing anymore [...]

Inside GCHQ’s startup programme

The UK's cybersecurity and intelligence agency GCHQ is on a mission — and has appeared to be since the Snowden leaks in 2013 — to… [...]

Plaid and Stripe are now standing face to face, if not already on each other’s toes. [...]

The Interchange: Venture’s mixed signals

Welcome back to The Interchange, the weekly TechCrunch series that looks at the latest — and what’s ahead — in… [...]

If your company is lacking in terms of basic business fundamentals and burning cash, well, maybe you’re in for a… [...]

Everyone is drafting their own startup Black Swan memo

Welcome to Startups Weekly, a fresh, human-first take on this week’s startup news and trends. To get this in your… [...]

This Week in European Tech: Wayflyer secures $300 million in debt round, Flink to buy Cajoo, Earlybird VC closes new €350 million fund, and more

This week, the (and Webrazzi) team(s) were in Brussels for our inaugural Summit (some imagery here, much more… [...]

Through the looking glass - our favourite images from the Summit 2022

Having spent close to a decade documenting the tech industry through the barrel of a lens, or as some of… [...]

Implementing ESG correctly lands €1.6 million in Predium’s kitty

Real estate is responsible for 30 percent of CO2 emissions in Germany and currently causes around 115 million tons of… [...]

UK platform pedals in £16.75 million to take kid’s bike subscription business up a gear

The pandemic, along with the growing trend for health and wellbeing, has spurred a significant uptick in family cycling. Yet,… [...]


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Everything You Want To Know About Monkeypox, But Were Afraid To Ask

Everything You Want To Know About Monkeypox, But Were Afraid To Ask With the COVID-19 pandemic still fresh in the minds of the people around the world, it comes as no surprise that recent outbreaks of another virus are grabbing headlines. Monkeypox outbreaks have now been reported in multiple countries, and it has scientists paying close attention. For everyone else, numerous… [...]

Gun-Parts Dealer Sues ATF Over 'Secret And Unannounced Policy Changes'

Gun-Parts Dealer Sues ATF Over 'Secret And Unannounced Policy Changes' Authored by Ken Silva via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), Pennsylvania firearms product dealer JSD Supply filed for a temporary restraining order against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) on May 19, asking a federal judge to block “secret and unannounced policy changes” that restrict the sale… [...]

Bullwhip Effect Ends With A Bang: Why Prices Are About To Fall Off A Cliff

Bullwhip Effect Ends With A Bang: Why Prices Are About To Fall Off A Cliff It was exactly a year ago, when Deutsche Bank strategist Luke Templeman said that amid the panicked scramble by US wholesalers to stock up on scarce inventory as a result of snarled supply chains, it was only a matter of time before the US economy… [...]

Turkey's Chief Statistician Quits For "Health Reasons" After Inflation Hits 70%

Turkey's Chief Statistician Quits For "Health Reasons" After Inflation Hits 70% Three months after Turkey's president Erdogan fired his statistics chief as inflation hit a mere 36%, now that inflation has almost doubled since then, the latest official in charge of compiling Turkish inflation statistics has decided to do the smart thing and step down on his own, becoming the… [...]

Bloated Inventories Hit Walmart, Target And Other Retailers' Profits, Trucking Demand

Bloated Inventories Hit Walmart, Target And Other Retailers' Profits, Trucking Demand By Mark Solomon of FreightWaves There’s little in retailing that Walmart and Target aren’t prepared to handle. So it was jarring that over a 24-hour period the two scions of the trade posted weak first-quarter profits that appeared to blindside management at both. Part of the bottom-line blowup was… [...]





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