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Gold as an alternative to the new European trade spot: an almost perfectly uncorrelated series, yet producing almost same growth over the period…



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2EMMA is an independent emerging market advisory platform aimed TO EMerging MArket growth companies & EMerging go TO MArket ventures

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Heavily-armed gunmen attack Nigerian prison, free hundreds of detainees – most still on the run

Over 800 detainees have been freed in Nigeria after heavily-armed assailants stormed a prison in the west of the country.… [...]

Turkey to declare US, 9 other ambassadors ‘persona non grata’ after call for release of jailed opposition figure – Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he instructed the foreign minister to declare 10 ambassadors, including Washington’s envoy, ‘persona non… [...]

‘Kidnaping’ trial of ex-Italian interior minister Salvini, who barred cross-sea migrants from entering country, begins in Palermo

Former Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini is facing up to 15 years in prison in a controversial trial over his… [...]

NATO can only respond with harsh statements amid military advancements of Russia & China – Karin Kneissl

NATO’s new masterplan to deter Moscow, including with nuclear weapons, looks like an attempt to stay relevant amid the military… [...]

Turkey's purchase of US F-16s & upgrade kits as compensation for being dropped from F-35 program moves forward – defense minister

“Technical work” has started on Turkey’s purchase of US-made Block 70 Viper F-16s, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar has said.… [...]

How the West made the most dangerous version of Putin

Over the past decade, Vladimir Putin's resurgent Russia has been a perpetual concern for many in the West. [...]

Flight attendants strip to protest working conditions

Italy's new national airline, ITA Airways, took to the skies last week, but all is not well on the ground… [...]

From 'Sesame Street' to 'Alma's Way': How Sonia Manzano continues to break ground and elevate Latino stories on US television

After 44 years as the loveable Maria on Sesame Street, Sonia Manzano thought she was finally ready to move to… [...]

Police officer promises to make teen's life a 'living f****** hell'

An Aurora police officer is on administrative leave after being reported for misconduct by another officer for yelling and cursing… [...]

Swedish rapper Einar shot dead at 19

One of Sweden's most popular rappers was shot dead in Stockholm late on Thursday, heightening outrage over gang-related violence that… [...]


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Impact Investment | Blended Finance

  • – The world is undergoing one of the worst refugee crisis since World War II, and Jordan is one of the most affected countries both in absolute and relative terms
  • – While many humanitarian relief & infrastructure investment efforts exist, the funding ecosystem under-serves SMEs & entrepreneurs which cater to refugee needs
  • – The social impact investment component with a triple bottom-line impact is more than attainable in the refugee context, but until now little has been done outside the pure aid sphere
  • – Vehicle is needed to fill the void by institutionalising venture / SME investment & nurture entrepreneurship for one of the most vulnerable demographic segments
  • – Given the specifics of refugee finance, in particular if in a hybrid commercial effort, we are looking for interested parties to become cooperating partners in developing this initiative further…


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Real Estate Investment | Property in SEE

Higher than average EU economic drop, but a stronger & quicker recovery. Drop of 10-20% in Zagreb real estate prices in the short-term. 18 month recovery to where Zagreb was in 2015-16 in the property cycle. Zagreb new office & residential space yields to go back to 7%-ish, or a price per sqm of €2.25k+…


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Project Finance | Renewable Power in MEA

Clean energy is a popular (and a contested) topic these days, but it also serves as a great showcase for project development / finance in emerging markets regardless of a turbine…


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Corporate Finance | Pharma M&A in CACA

A case study for an interesting ‘consolidation cross-border play opportunity’ spanning the CACA region (or even wider). A thesis that would under current market access include country pharma leaders in Kyrgyzstan & Mongolia, as well as one of top players in Uzbekistan & Armenia each…


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Private Investment in Public Equity | Gold Mining in Africa

PIPE investments into gold mining stock: is there still, was there ever, an opportunity to invest in gold?

A hedge against cycles timing; Undervalued listings lacking capital; Leverage on mineral reserves for an upside; Neglected African opportunities; More tangible than bitcoin; …

Central banks can’t print gold: ML/BoA forecasts: ”as economic output contracts sharply, fiscal outlays surge, and central bank balance sheets double, fiat currencies could come under pressure…


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My Precious

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altVENTURE Capital


altVENTURE as in alternative venture because investments have to provide achievement above & beyond financial RETURN, and that is adventure in form of RISK, IMPACT & FUN

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This article is visible for CLUB members only. If you are already a member but don’t see the content of this article, please login here. If you’re… [...]

Vitamin, a Berlin-based startup which set out to enable a strong financial future for all women, has raised a total of €1.7 million in a… [...]

Entrepreneurs are the drivers of change. On a mission to create a sustainable and inclusive Europe, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and… [...]

Flexciton, an optimisation technology company that has developed a unique solution to radically improve the efficiency and productivity of semiconductor manufacturing processes, has secured a… [...]

So you want CVC investment — now what?

Funding and a future customer — is it too good to be true? So you want CVC investment — now what? [...]

Revealed: The VCs who’ve backed the most female founders

Which of Europe's top VC firms is really putting their weight behind female entrepreneurs? Revealed: The VCs who’ve backed the most female founders [...]

Europe’s wealthtech startups are joining the investing rush

Automated investing tech is cracking open the staid world of wealth creation and management Europe’s wealthtech startups are joining the investing rush [...]

The deck that scored edtech 360Learning a $200m round

Edtech's on the rise. Here's the pitch deck that Paris-based 360Learning used to raise $200m The deck that scored edtech 360Learning a $200m round [...]

TechCrunch+ roundup: Slashing technical debt, IPO analysis, your first comms hire

Early-stage entrepreneurs eager to ship usually spend more time calculating their startup’s burn rate than selecting an optimal development environment. As a result, technical debt… [...]

Zillow announced that it was hitting pause on its iBuying operations earlier this week, but rival Opendoor says it is expanding operations and plowing ahead. [...]

Arbisoft co-founder Yasser Bashir on building trust with early-stage startups

Arbisoft is the latest addition to our series profiling startup software consultants. Its CEO Yasser Bashir shared thoughts on agile development, data science, customer and… [...]

Intelligent Implants raises $8.7M to help you grow a spine

Spinal surgery is not for the faint of heart at the best of times, but Intelligent Implants raised €7.5 million ($8.7 million) to make spinal… [...]

Iberdrola Group, an internationally operating utility, is looking for innovative devices and tools to identify non-technical energy losses occurring due to fraud including illegal connections and meter tampering. Apply by… [...]

Do you run a startup or have ideas that enable digitalization in shell construction? Apply for the Josef Umdasch Research Prize 2022 to win a cash prize and collaborate with… [...]

Discover Vienna: Manufacturing Edition Invites CEE-based Startups to an Intensive, 2-Week Program

Discover Vienna: Manufacturing Edition is designed for thriving CEE-based manufacturing startups & scaleups to discover and explore the city’s industry and startup ecosystem. Up to 10 startups will be invited… [...]

From October 19 to 21, 2021, Altair’s Virtual Global Event Future.Industry will explore how the convergence of simulation, high-performance computing, and AI is transforming how innovative companies will design, operate,… [...]


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