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Gold as an alternative to the new European trade spot: an almost perfectly uncorrelated series, yet producing almost same growth over the period…



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2EMMA is an independent emerging market advisory platform aimed TO EMerging MArket growth companies & EMerging go TO MArket ventures

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‘Crypto winter’ could be an opportunity for growth

VCs are pouring money into Web3, and CEOs are planning for the future. [...]

‘The Merge’ unplugged Ethereum from crypto mining

The industry still has a long way to go to be as green and chill as Smart Hulk. [...]

Is the public service loan forgiveness program fair?

Your thoughts on whether the program should be expanded—or even exist at all. [...]

When trading app Robinhood went public in the middle of last year, it was the poster child for a fintech success story:… [...]

If you had to bet on which of this year’s big tech acquisitions would fall apart, you might have thought the obvious… [...]

Crypto investors and executives often tout gaming as one of the best use cases for non-fungible tokens. On the surface that argument… [...]

It’s a business idea so silly you might just laugh at it: canned water with punk-rock branding. Oh yeah, and it’s called… [...]

💀 What’s next for Liquid Death?

Plus: A big benefit of WFH, editing tips, a soothing songbird, and more. View Online A new San Francisco restaurant offers a… [...]

While the remote work debate rages on, one implication of normalizing WFH is hard to argue with: it makes work much easier… [...]




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Impact Investment | Blended Finance

  • – The world is undergoing one of the worst refugee crisis since World War II, and Jordan is one of the most affected countries both in absolute and relative terms
  • – While many humanitarian relief & infrastructure investment efforts exist, the funding ecosystem under-serves SMEs & entrepreneurs which cater to refugee needs
  • – The social impact investment component with a triple bottom-line impact is more than attainable in the refugee context, but until now little has been done outside the pure aid sphere
  • – Vehicle is needed to fill the void by institutionalising venture / SME investment & nurture entrepreneurship for one of the most vulnerable demographic segments
  • – Given the specifics of refugee finance, in particular if in a hybrid commercial effort, we are looking for interested parties to become cooperating partners in developing this initiative further…


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Real Estate Investment | Property in SEE

Higher than average EU economic drop, but a stronger & quicker recovery. Drop of 10-20% in Zagreb real estate prices in the short-term. 18 month recovery to where Zagreb was in 2015-16 in the property cycle. Zagreb new office & residential space yields to go back to 7%-ish, or a price per sqm of €2.25k+…


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Project Finance | Renewable Power in MEA

Clean energy is a popular (and a contested) topic these days, but it also serves as a great showcase for project development / finance in emerging markets regardless of a turbine…


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Corporate Finance | Pharma M&A in CACA

A case study for an interesting ‘consolidation cross-border play opportunity’ spanning the CACA region (or even wider). A thesis that would under current market access include country pharma leaders in Kyrgyzstan & Mongolia, as well as one of top players in Uzbekistan & Armenia each…


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Private Investment in Public Equity | Gold Mining in Africa

PIPE investments into gold mining stock: is there still, was there ever, an opportunity to invest in gold?

A hedge against cycles timing; Undervalued listings lacking capital; Leverage on mineral reserves for an upside; Neglected African opportunities; More tangible than bitcoin; …

Central banks can’t print gold: ML/BoA forecasts: ”as economic output contracts sharply, fiscal outlays surge, and central bank balance sheets double, fiat currencies could come under pressure…


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altVENTURE as in alternative venture because investments have to provide achievement above & beyond financial RETURN, and that is adventure in form of RISK, IMPACT & FUN

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Milan. A modern city that oozes innovation, the Italian capital of fashion and design, and, home of the Italian Stock Exchange. It’s a city that… [...]

Previously bootstrapped and already picking up considerable traction in its home market of Germany, Jomigo has just secured a seven-figure investment to further scale and… [...]

Elderly care startup Patronus has just scooped up the biggest Series A raise for the sector, bagging €27 million. The Berlin-based team is aiming to… [...]

IriusRisk, a cybersecurity startup levelling up security and threat modelling, has just scored €29 million to expand its global reach. The Spanish startup is empowering… [...]

Day one of the Sifted Summit: Top takeaways

What startupland's top talents were saying on day one of the Summit Day one of the Sifted Summit: Top takeaways [...]

It’s not just Northvolt. Here are the other startups building gigafactories

Sifted is tracking 33 gigafactories in Europe. It’s not just Northvolt. Here are the other startups building gigafactories [...]

We have contactless cards. What’s next in payments tech?

An application that turns any Android device into a card terminal We have contactless cards. What’s next in payments tech? [...]

Scaling deeptech in Europe: Where’s the smart money?

A lack of lead investors — the so-called “White Knight Syndrome” — is the main obstacle to scaling up really difficult tech. What can be… [...]

So-called ‘personalized medicine’ is all the rage these days. Healthcare is being gradually affected by data-driven insights gleaned through what… [...]

New Q3 2022 data from PitchBook on venture capital aggregates in the U.S. make it a bit hard to square… [...]

Pitch Deck Teardown: Vori’s $10M Series A deck

Vori, a SaaS solution for independent grocers and small grocery chains, shared the pitch deck it used to raise a… [...]

Ross Lipson co-founded Dutchie in 2017 and has since led the company to a multibillion-dollar valuation on top of raising… [...]

French insurtech startup Olino scores €2.2 million to bolster its embedded insurance product for European SMEs

Founded in 2021, young French insurtech outfit Riskee is changing its name to Olino and announcing that it's picked up… [...]

Scottish startup Unfolded lands £1.2 million to fight fast fashion

Founded in 2021 by entrepreneur Cally Russell alongside co-founders Jamie Sutherland and Hilde Frydness, a young startup out of Edinburg… [...]

🎙️ On pivoting: becoming the painkiller and not a vitamin with Karoli Hindriks of Jobbatical

Having recently closed an €11.6 million Series A funding round, Jobbatical founder Karoli Hindriks joins the show today to discuss the hows… [...]

The European Tech ecosystem in Q3 2022 - summer heat, slower investment pace, Italy's second unicorn and some cool podcasts

According to research based on our proprietary deals database, in the previous three months we tracked 1,176 funding deals,… [...]


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JPMorgan Sees Oil Rising Back Over $100 If These Five Conditions Are Met...

JPMorgan Sees Oil Rising Back Over $100 If These Five Conditions Are Met... The OPEC+ meeting has come and gone, with "Fist-bump bro" Biden humiliated... TL/DR — zerohedge (@zerohedge) October 5, 2022 ... and the White House scrambling to save at least a little face... *US HAS MADE ITS… [...]

Biden Blasts "Short-Sighted" OPEC+ Cut, Blames US Energy Firms For Surging Pump Prices

Biden Blasts "Short-Sighted" OPEC+ Cut, Blames US Energy Firms For Surging Pump Prices Update (1125ET): The Biden administration is absolutely furious with the Joint Ministerial Monitoring Committee (JMMC) of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and allies, including Russia, for agreeing to slash oil production by 2 million barrels per… [...]

"The Whites Of Their Eyes"

"The Whites Of Their Eyes" By Peter Tchir of Academy Securities The Whites of Their Eyes “Don’t Fire Until You See the Whites of Their Eyes” was allegedly the command given to soldiers at the Battle of Bunker Hill. The original intent of the order was to ensure that ammunition… [...]

Meanwhile Over At Lehman-Suisse...

Meanwhile Over At Lehman-Suisse... What do credit traders know that equity traders are ignoring? While equity prices had risen for the last two days, dragged higher by the market's melt-up, Credit Suisse credit risk continued to wide dramatically... For context, with CDS trading at around 373bps, the equity market (price… [...]

Turn Off CNBC And Watch Real Yields

Turn Off CNBC And Watch Real Yields Authored by Michael Lebowitz via, Investors watch CNBC and CNBC’s competitors for guidance on where the markets are going. CNBC may provide insightful commentary from very qualified investors. Still, if one is watching CNBC to figure out where markets are headed, they… [...]

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