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2EMMA is an independent Emerging Market Finance Advisory platform created to facilitate business TO and from EMerging MArkets; while also aiming content & community features as an add-on knowledge-base for business opportunity generation

Its footprint & scope are rather wide & expanding- initially based on the founder’s own extensive regional experiences- but even more so on the established long-term relationships with a large set of interesting, reliable & resourceful experts with EMMA footing or zeal

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Brings Together

  • A team of senior investment & corporate executives, with independent self-driven and institutional backgrounds
  • Proven track record of principal deals, with significant VC / PE experience in both direct & fund management settings
  • Experience in business / project development of green- / brown-field projects, as well as related finance & operations
  • Entrepreneurial mindset & commercial acumen, from numerous emerging market startup & development ventures
  • A full spectrum of tested people skills, as managers & coaches, but also as team players & soldiers
  • Unique & diversified views of the world, industries and finance for insightful and interesting research & analysis 
  • Golden rolodex of industry players, finance institutions, governments, project developers, contractors & advisers


With a Footprint


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And Activity

2EMMA-associated platform mandates done so far in SADC, SEE & MENA regions and in the following sectors: impact investment, asset management, merchant banking, power, healthcare, mining, construction, property, tourism, consumer retail and technology

altVENTURE maintains an exploratory deal pipeline of companies / projects / teams in EMMA regions; and we are always on the lookout for connecting our rolodex to opportunities and vice versa…

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With Regularly Updated Content

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News Pix/:> Select picturesque topics of interest updated daily or more frequently

News Feed/:> Relevant cluster live updates from around the globe

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2EMMA News Press Mix/:> An aggregated dynamic content

Featured Content/:> An interesting numbers analysis

Theme Related Tracker /:> Each theme is followed by related news feeds

Central pane:

• Theme Vitrine/:> Rich-content insights & a theme hypothesis browser of 2EMMA expertise

• World Monitor/:> Curated stories of longer term interest

Data Monitor/:>  Country statistics & general research information data / analysis / links

Deal Monitor/:>  Network-featured ‘opportunity listing

Please note that you can access most the content from this page, whether through links above or panes on the sides… Should you have ideas or be the source for other exciting or useful emerging market investment and finance content- please do drop us a line: Suggestion Box