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Deal Monitor

Current finders’ pipeline:

Region: SEE

Sector: Alternative fund

Stage: Fund-raising

Size: €3-6mil

Stake: Equity


Region: SEE

Sector: Property

Stage: Yield

Size: €10-15mil

Stake: Equity+debt


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World Monitor

Monitored stories:

Ex-World Bank head Robert Zoellick: ‘The world could look like 1900 again’


The Market Will Crash Again. Are You Ready?
The question is not when…


Frank Talk Blog by Frank Holmes: Top 10 Countries with Largest Gold Reserves


EIF and HBOR invest in three equity funds in Croatia unlocking €205 million for local SMEs and MidCaps


Will the companies blend profits with purpose or will they disappoint Larry (or all of us)?


Planet of the Humans, a new controversial film backed by Michael Moore


To be added: Data Monitor

Here is a sizeable collection of useful data links for a research analyst (that most of us are at heart). They are sorted by the relevant sector or geography, and some of the data is out of date, but the odds are that you can find the updated data at the same source.



The contents of the Content you can find in here

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• News Feed/:> Relevant cluster live updates from around the globe (14 sources at current)

• News Pix/:> Select picturesque topics of interest updated daily or more frequently (8 sources)

Main middle pane:

• Theme Vitrine/:> Rich-content theme hypothesis browser (backlog with occasional updates and a related news tracker)

• Deal Monitor/:> An occasional network-featured ‘public opportunity posting’ (if & when)

• World Monitor/:> Curated stories of longer term interest (backlog with occasional updates)

• Data Monitor/:> Sorted research data links on the themes & clusters of 2EMMA coverage (work in progress)

• Market Monitor/:> Representative handpicked stock, index, commodity & currency live ticker (4 x 14 indicators)

Please note that you can access all the content from this page, whether through links above or panes on the sides… Should you have ideas or be the source for other exciting or useful content- please do drop us a line: Suggestion box