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2EMMA is an independent platform created to facilitate business TO and from EMerging MArkets; while also aiming content & community features as an add-on knowledge-base for business opportunity generation

Its footprint & scope are rather wide & expanding- initially based on the founder’s own extensive regional experiences- but even more so on the established long-term relationships with a large set of interesting, reliable & resourceful experts with EMMA footing or zeal

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Brings Together

  • A team of senior investment & corporate executives, with independent self-driven and institutional backgrounds
  • Proven track record of principal deals, with significant VC / PE experience in both direct & fund management settings
  • Experience in business / project development of green- / brown-field projects, as well as related finance & operations
  • Entrepreneurial mindset & commercial acumen, from numerous emerging market startup & development ventures
  • A full spectrum of tested people skills, as managers & coaches, but also as team players & soldiers 
  • Golden rolodex of industry players, finance institutions, governments, project developers, contractors & advisers


With a Footprint


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& Activity

2EMMA-associated platform mandates done so far in SADC, SEE & MENA regions and in the following sectors: impact investment, asset management, merchant banking, power, healthcare, mining, construction, property, tourism, consumer retail and technology

Our altVENTURE currently maintain an exploratory deal pipeline of +/-250 companies / projects / teams in EMMA regions; and we are always on the lookout for connecting our rolodex to opportunities and vice versa…

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Seeking theme or cluster / country exemplary affiliates- for deal, content & idea generation or services delivery- including:

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